We love South Africa, and we love South Africans. There is something special in the air that creates an energy amongst us that we too often forget. Our country is fraught with challenges and inequalities, but we set out to see opportunities and hope.


Hope. We hope to create, distribute, and partner with cool products, that add value to everyone involved.


Values. We sure are sticky on ours, but open to pretty much everything else. Our purpose is to use our network and insight to illuminate as much laughter, fun, and good feelings to everyone we interact with.


Could we include you? Most organizations are clear on what they want to do and how they want to do it. At Four Eleven we have things in reverse. We look for the why and the who and believe that once we agree on those, the magic will flow. We developed an implicit checklist of requirements that we believe if ticked, would be the starting point to doing cool, meaningful things together, fulfilling our mission, and yours.

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