Our women-managed drive our mission of introducing potential customers to our brand and the story behind its success.


We are sticklers for systems and procedures in the back-office that allow us to have fun and flexibility with our clients. So, we are living a duality of being obsessed with operating procedures while insisting we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Kelly Marcus

Head of Creation

At Four Eleven, I keep everyone grounded and rein them back in, when things get a  little crazy (which is often). Officially, I am the Brand Manager, guiding the team, managing the marketing, and driving the brands. I pride myself on being the custodian and brand guardian.

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Michelle Airey

Head of Sales & Communication

I am the hot saleswoman that everyone wants to meet…jokes. I love introducing great products into the market! And when I do, nothing will stop me! So, watch out. I use my twisted sense of humour, and passively aggressive attitude to create a vibe and push sales.

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Kyle Allen

Accounts Genius

Sarcasm connoisseur

Reiner Arkell

Accounts Genius

When I became an accountant I thought I'd be counting money, instead I'm counting tequila shots

Justin Mandy

Operational Machine

As the operational machine, I handle the stock and logistics for Tequila Ocho. I make sure there is enough to go around from province-to-province keeping our customers intoxicated, happy and excited for more.

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